Im back!

Wow it had been a year i did not update my blog.
ngam ngam 1 year so coincidence LOL! (ok fine actually is 1 year and 2 days :P) 
dont know why suddenly i just feel like updating this blog..mayb i am just too free recently cause i am having my 2 months++ long holidays..hahahax..XD

Feel so sorry to this blog bacause it had been ignored by its owner for such a long time..and now i am here to make my dear blog AWAKEEEE after a long period of hibernation..hahax :P

Ok actually the main reason i am back to my blog is because i've got many feelings to express but i found no way to express :(
so i think blogging is the best way for me to express myself, the very true self and hence i renamed my blog as [我行我素] :)) yea its all about me, my own style. 

Yay! stay tuned and i will update more and more posts after this. 
*many feelingssss to be expressed! hahahax :))

the latest short hair meee ^^

2 条评论:

  1. ur hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me likey :D

  2. OMG!si amy ur comment really surprised me man...hahahax :D
    yea! i like it too! 2mr u wil see the real me..cant wait to 38 v u!! wakaka XD